Family wanted: Ellie, Jazmin, Curtis and Marshall hope for a home

Jazmin, Marshall, Curtis and Ellie
Jazmin, Marshall, Curtis and Ellie

These four need an active family that has time for all of them, both together and individually.

Ellie, 11, enjoys reading, swimming and watching TV. She wants a family that lives in the country and attends church.

Jazmin, 9, enjoys drawing, singing and acting. She helps around the house and works hard in school.

Curtis, 8, likes riding his bike, playing outside and building with Legos. His favorite class is PE.

Marshall, 5, is affectionate and curious. He enjoys painting, drawing and helping to fix things.

To learn more about adoption, go to www.adoptkskids.org or call 877-457-5430.

The children’s case numbers are CH-6108, CH-6109, CH-6110 and CH-6111.