Rain may hold off until end of tonight’s Royals ALCS game

The Kansas City Star

Wet and chilly weather looks like it is still headed for tonight’s ALCS Game 6, but maybe not until the later innings.

“The front heading this way looks to have slowed down by three hours or so,” said Chris Bowman, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill Friday morning.

“It might be getting into the Kansas City area around 10 or 11 o’clock-ish. We are currently thinking there might be some showers or thunderstorm around the tail end of the game, not the front of the game.”

Bowman said it’s best for fans to come prepared for rain. Forecasts had indicated only a 20 percent chance of rain for the Royals’ first postseason game against the Houston Astros earlier this month. Yet rain delayed that game for 49 minutes.

“It just happened to be that one storm was right over the stadium,” Bowman said. “This is a similar scenario. If people are heading out, they should be prepared to see a shower or isolated thunderstorm. But right now it doesn’t look likely; we just can’t say it’ll be dry.”

Game-time temperatures are expected to be about 70 degrees and cooling to the mid-60s through the evening.

If a seventh game is necessary Saturday, conditions should be drier but cooler. Skies should be clearing and temperatures be about 60 degrees at game time, cooling off quickly into the lower 50s by game’s end.

- The Star