KC nightclub owner apologizes for rape reference in advertising

The owner of a Kansas City nightclub has apologized for social media advertising on New Year’s Eve that made a reference to rape. The postings on Facebook and Twitter brought a barrage of criticism.

Stuart Salomon, owner of Aura nightclub at 3832 Main St., said a staff member initially posted the “horribly worded” message on the bar’s Facebook page.

“When I saw the post I immediately removed it from our Facebook page,” Salomon said. “I’m very sorry for any offense it caused and take full responsibility for any action of my staff.”

The posts said Aura was introducing “the anti-rape program ... We won’t RAPE you on prices on NYE ...”

The advertising brought quick responses, much of it angry. One called the club’s message “disgusting” and another said it was the “worst social media post of 2013.”

The staff person’s intent was not to offend, but it was “a poor choice of words,” Salomon said in an email response Thursday to the Star’s query about the postings. “I’ve spoken extensively to the person that wrote this, and they are obviously feeling awful about it.”

The Facebook post was removed quickly, Salomon said, but it took several hours to shut down the bar’s Twitter account because the manager with the account information no longer works for Aura and couldn’t be reached right away.

The person responsible for the message “will not be posting on the page anymore,” Salomon said.