Meet Arnie. He’s not lazy-he’s a sloth

Children met a new furry friend at the Kansas City Zoo Wednesday. Arenal, nicknamed Arnie, is the zoo’s new two-toed sloth.

The three-year-old sloth came to the Kansas City from the Biodome de Montreal in Canada. Arnie made his public debut Wednesday in a renovated exhibit inside the zoo’s Discovery Barn.

“Right now, sloths are one of the most popular animals in the zoo world,” said Randy Wisthoff, director of the Kansas City Zoo. “Everybody wants one.”

These sluggish critters are masters at conserving energy. They sleep more than fifteen hours a day. They hang in the rain forest canopy to avoid predators on the ground.

“They don’t move a lot, but they’re really high on the cute factor,” Wisthoff said. “Everybody’s loving him.”