Kansas City Zoo names otter pups after Star Wars trio — and Mark Hamill approves

Three baby otters — Han, Luke and Leia — have made their public debut at the Kansas City Zoo, and as the official ‘Star Wars’ Twitter account said, these pups are “in for plenty of adventure.

“We have a good feeling about it,” the ‘Star Wars’ account posted, quote-tweeting the zoo.

Video clips show the small otters playing and scampering around in their exhibit space.

The baby otters were introduced to zoo-goers for the first time on Friday.

The Asian small-clawed otter triplets were born last October.

They join their older siblings, Connor, Clover and Otis, along with mom Cai and dad Ian on exhibit inside the Tropics building, the zoo said.

Aside from receiving Twitter love from the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, actor Mark Hamill also chimed in Friday with a tweet: “Thanks for finally reuniting Han, Luke and Leia, @KansasCityZoo- It’s much appreciated! #YouOtterBeProudOfYourselves

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