The Shawnee kid who rocked a Foo Fighters stage wants to redirect your attention

You may have seen the video of 10-year-old Collier Cash Rule rocking out with the Foo Fighters last week at the Sprint Center.

A YouTube video of the Shawnee kid playing Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” after being invited onstage by Foo Fighters’ lead singer Dave Grohl has been viewed more than 2 million times.

But in addition to basking in the rock ‘n’ roll experience he’ll never forget, Collier says he wants to redirect the attention he’s receiving to another cause: raising money for his sick friend, Bo.

Collier said he had already planned to hold a lemonade stand at his home at the end of the month to help support a friend with a rare disease that includes Type 1 diabetes, epilepsy, growth hormone deficiency and chronic lung disease.

But after his newfound Foo Fighters fame, a new plan was in order.

Identifying himself as “the kid who got to play with the Foo Fighters” in a video he posted to his Instagram page this week, Collier asked his new followers to pitch in.

“This is where you come in rock and roll people,” he said. “Are you with me?”

Since Sunday, Collier has encouraged people to donate to a GoFundMe page that as of Thursday afternoon had raised $7,600. (The account is in his mother’s name because he’s not allowed to have the Facebook account needed to verify GoFundMe pages.)

He and Bo won’t cancel their lemonade stand, only now it’s from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 27 at Shawnee City Hall.

It’s all part of whirlwind chain of events since Collier attended last Friday’s Foo Fighters concert with his mom and a friend.

Collier had moved close to a side of the stage to get a picture of the band when Grohl spotted him playing air guitar.

“I can play the guitar,” Collier shouted. Grohl heard him.

Soon, he found himself pulled onstage in front of a crowd of thousands.

“What songs do you know?” Grohl asked into the microphone.

“I know a lot of Metallica songs,” Collier replied without missing a beat.

Handing him a guitar, Grohl let Collier take it from there. On top of that, Grohl let him keep it.

“It was exciting — I couldn’t even believe it,” Collier said this week in a Shawnee Mission School District video. “Because most musicians probably wouldn’t do that.”

Since then, Collier’s story has spread across the country, inspiring his Ray Marsh Elementary School teacher, Kristyn Shultz, to assign a classroom writing assignment about bucket lists and dream experiences.

And he’s continued to make social media posts and television appearances promoting his fundraising goal. He’s even come up with his slogan and hashtag.

“Rock ‘n’ roll,” he said while sitting next to Bo in a recent post, “can save the day.”

Since he rocked out with the Foo Fighters at a Kansas City concert, 10-year-old Collier Cash Rule, of Shawnee, has encouraged his new followers to donate to a GoFundMe page supporting his friend, Bo, who has a rare disease. GoFundMe.com