Something with a ‘big tail’ ran in front of woman in Olathe. Police say it’s a gator

For at least the second time this week, authorities in Kansas were called after someone found what appeared to be an alligator.

“Something you don’t expect to see in Kansas ... .a gator!” Olathe police said in a Facebook post on Thursday.

Police went to the scene after the gator was found under a vehicle on Monday.

Kasey Willis Lynch said she was pulling into the parking lot of Havencroft Apartments on Monday afternoon when she saw something with “a big tail” run in front of her car. She parked her vehicle and went to check it out.

“I found it under a car, so I took my cellphone to try and get a better look at it and thought it looked like an alligator,” Lynch told The Star over a Facebook message. “After a minute of trying to figure out what lizard in Kansas looks like an alligator, I realized it might actually be an alligator.”

Still processing what she saw, Lynch said she asked a resident to come over and take a look. Sure enough, they agreed, it appeared to be a gator.

She called animal control, and an officer responded to the scene and pulled the reptile out from underneath the car.

After getting a better look, Lynch said she believes the little guy might have actually been a caiman. She’s given him a name, a play on words after where he was found: “Haven C. Roft.”

Photos that police shared on Thursday show the gator hanging out inside a plastic box partly filled with water.

“Look how sweet,” an officer said in a video of the gator having its back stroked. “I wonder how old it is.”

Police said the animal remains in the city’s animal shelter and is expected to be taken to a reptile rescue in Manhattan, Kan., “as gators are not allowed to reside in Olathe.”

It wasn’t the first time this month someone has found an alligator in Kansas.

Earlier this week, a woman in Basehor called authorities after she saw a 4-foot long alligator wandering around on a gravel road.

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