A Kansas City animal control officer went to see about a dog. Then a man drew a gun.

Kansas City Star file photo.
Kansas City Star file photo.

Kansas City employee James Donovan said he was working his job Saturday as an animal control officer when a man pulled a gun on him during a confrontation over a dog.

In social media posts Donovan said the gun dropped to the ground as the man drew it. Donovan stepped on the gun and a physical altercation between the men ensued.

“I hit my emergency button on my radio and it did not go off,” Donovan wrote on Facebook. “I wa then pull {sic} away from the suspect, he then regained control of the gun, and pointed it at me and then grabbed my radio to prevent me from calling for help.”

He said the altercation ended when the man grabbed the notebook in which Donovan had written the man’s license plate number and ran away.

“I am just thankful that God was on my side tonight,” he said, “it could have been very tragic tonight!”

Troy Schulte, the city manager for Kansas City, tweeted about the incident on Saturday evening.

“James is an animal control officer for ,” he wrote. “He shouldn’t have to deal with this to just do his job.”

Some commenters raised the question as to whether animal control officers should carry firearms, as is custom in other municipalities across the country.

“This is why animal control should be armed,” Donovan replied.