Westport guard asks black bartender to make a ‘Trayvon Martini.’ He’s now on leave

Update: The firm that staffs Westport’s security team has fired Michael Dargy Jr. Read the latest story here.

A Westport security guard has been placed on leave after allegedly ordering a “Trayvon Martini” from a black bartender at a Westport bar.

The bartender, who goes by Alobar Bandaloop on social media, detailed the incident on Facebook involving guard Michael Dargy Jr. at Buzzard Beach bar.

“As a bartender I’m asked to make 1001 different drinks and never once has any drink like this crossed till last week,” he wrote on Monday.

Alobar Bandaloo_fitted.jpeg
The Facebook post by Westport bartender Alobar Bandaloo Facebook

Bandaloop says that Dargy ordered the “martini,” and upon seeing Bandaloop’s shock, began describing the ingredients: watermelon juice and one shot of vodka, “because it only takes one shot to put him down!” Bandaloop quoted Dargy as saying.

Bandaloop says he refused to serve Dargy.

“Herein lies the big problem,” Bandaloop wrote. “He’s paid by the neighborhood to walk around with a pistol and ‘police’ the area. This is a huge issue with me. Who can trust this man in any interaction with an African American? How can this man make sure any mixed cultures are ‘secure’?”

The Westport Regional Business League said in a statement: “The allegation is currently under investigation by the security company, which has already put its employee in question on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

“If true, it is reprehensible, and we will have zero tolerance for that type of behavior in this welcoming district.”

An Olathe Police Department spokesman confirmed that Dargy had been an officer with the department but noted that he had not worked there since 2016.

Bandaloop’s post had nearly 1,500 likes and more than 800 shares by noon Tuesday.

The allegations come amid accusations of a culture of discrimination and racism permeating Kansas City’s social scene.

Trayvon Martin was the unarmed black teenager who was shot and killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Florida in 2012. Zimmerman’s acquittal, on grounds of self defense, was a precursor to the Black Lives Matter movement.