In case you missed it: 5 things to read this weekend

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Visitor’s barbecue from Joe’s Kansas City gets confiscated at KCI

Bob Porter, of Washington, D.C., wasn’t about to leave Kansas City without tasting our world famous barbecue. So on his way to KCI, he stopped at Joe’s Kansas City, picked up pound of brisket, a pound of smoked sausage and a small condiment cup of sauce. He packed his treasure in his checked suitcase and headed to the airport. But when he arrived home in D.C. andopened his suitcase, the barbecue was gone. In its place, he says, was an empty plastic laundry bag and a note from the Transportation Security Administration that said it had gone through his luggage. “Really? That’s what you’re taking? My barbecue?” Porter says. Joe’s Kansas City later said they’d sent Porter replacement barbecue.

Witnesses fault inquiry into handcuffed man’s Lake of the Ozarks drowning

For three months, Larry and Paulette Moreau kept quiet. No more. In interviews Saturday and Sunday, the Moreaus told The Star that the full truth didn’t come out at an inquest last week into the death of 20-year-old Brandon Ellingson, who drowned May 31 while in the custody of a Missouri Highway Patrol trooper. “If people could visually see what we saw, they would be outraged.”

Nazarene Publishing House embroiled in turmoil over 2012 gift

As gifts go, a 2012 offer to the Nazarene Publishing House by its then just-named president, Gerald Smith, is seen by some in the church as akin to the wooden horse left at the gates of Troy. Upon his appointment to lead the printing operations, Smith had promised that “exciting times are ahead” — and to an unhappy extent, he was correct. This summer is ending with Smith’s dismissal, layoffs and reorganization at NPH, as well as continuing congregation confusion about just what Smith’s donation of Premier Studios, his Johnson County marketing firm, has wrought.

Ikea opens in Merrian

Ikea fans all over the country are clamoring for the Swedish retailer to set up shop in their cities. On Wednesday, Kansas City area shoppers got their wish as the new Merriam Ikea — all 359,000 square feet of it — opened its doors. The company’s 40th store, on the southeast corner of Interstate 35 and Johnson Drive, is its first in Kansas. Its first Missouri store is scheduled to open in St. Louis in fall 2015. In traditional fashion, a Swedish log-sawing ceremony was held at the store entrance instead of an official ribbon-cutting. The ceremony is said to bring good luck to new homes and all future visitors. And visitors came by the droves.

Derrick Johnson’s injury is brutal for the Chiefs but appalling for him

Derrick Johnson’s right foot is in a boot, and of all the guys in this locker room to spend the day living the athlete’s nightmare, why did it have to be him? He wears baggy red shorts with the Chiefs’ logo, crutching his way toward the door and an uncertain future. Football can be such a cruel game. The tear of an Achilles’ tendon happens in a blink, and it changes a career forever.