Dixie, Kansas City Zoo's baby giraffe makes her public debut

Standing at 6 feet tall and tipping the scales at 175 pounds, this is one big "baby". She's not a chubby-cheeked roly poly like most two-month-olds. You might call her lanky.

Meet Dixie. She's the latest addition to the giraffe family at the Kansas City Zoo. Dixie was born Feb. 2 and has not had much experience around humans except for her zoo caretakers. That all changed Wednesday when she made her debut to the public at the zoo.

Giraffes come from Africa where their native climate is relatively warm. That means "little" Dixie was not allowed outdoors until temperatures topped 60 degrees. Wednesday's warm weather made for the perfect opportunity for Dixie to show off her spots.

Zoo visitors lined up to see the giraffe family. Dixie, along with her mother and father kept their distance from admiring fans as they strolled around their exhibit space.

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