Munday on Monday: Car wash etiquette

Car wash etiquette

The time is brief to clean your car in winter, hence the line

Of drivers now impatient to remove the salt and grime.

So if you use the vacuum on the inside, as you choose,

Don’t rudely block an empty bay that someone else could use.

And please don’t be the doofus who, with car inside the bay,

Has waited till this awkward time to wander now away

In search of the machine that spits the quarters that are needed;

This airhead lacks all common sense and leaves our glares unheeded.

There’s etiquette unwritten (but still etiquette no less)

That keeps the peace in car wash lines or else we’d have a mess.

But as in many things in life, the weakest chain is telling;

One muttonhead is all it takes before we all start yelling.

Don Munday, dmunday@kcstar.com