Ice from winter storm melting in KC, but warmup to be short-lived

A winter storm that was more of a nuisance than anything else in Kansas City left behind icy roads Saturday morning.

Roads remained icy in some areas mid-morning and officials warned that icy patches could remain until mid-day.

“The storm worked out pretty much how we thought, although we did not get quite as much snow as widespread as we thought,” said Jared Leighton, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill.

“The ice accumulation was generally around 1/10th of an inch in some locations,” he said. “Nobody saw any damaging ice accumulations.”

While some areas in the region saw 2 to 2 1/2 inches of snow, others only saw a dusting.

Randolph County saw the highest ice accumulations — .25 of an inch. Moberly, which is in Randolph County, reported 2.7 inches of snow.

In Kansas City, the amount of ice ranged from only a glazing to 1/10th of an inch. There was little snow.

“Overall, this was more of a nuisance type of storm,” Leighton said.

The ice left roads a mess overnight into early Saturday.

Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forté tweeted his police car was struck.

Although the temperatures started to warm up by mid-morning, authorities were reporting that streets were still slick in some areas, especially shaded areas.

“We should see a warm up today that will melt off some of this ice before it becomes a problem,” Leighton said.

Still, people were urged to use caution until at least noon because there will be some places were there is melted water on top of ice, which makes condition even more slick.

Highs Saturday are likely to reach into the lower 40s. But then temperatures expected to tumble as another cold surge pushes its way into the area.

“It’s going to become really cold and anything that melts and doesn’t dry will refreeze which means slick roads are possible on Sunday,” Leighton said.

Even treated roads may become slick as temperatures are expected to fall below the point where chemicals are effective.

“Anyone driving around Sunday morning will want to take extra care,” Leighton said.

Overnight lows are expected to fall into the teens, but wind chills will make it feel in the single digits.

Highs on Sunday and Monday will remain in the teens to lower 20s.

Tuesday’s highs might peak near 40s.

Generally, the Kansas City area will be stuck in the 20s for the next seven days — except for that brief warmup on Tuesday, Leighton said.

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