Tim Cook says Apple is working on ‘the mother of all AI projects’

Tim Cook
Tim Cook Bloomberg

Apple has confirmed, after years of rumors, that it’s working on a driverless car project — but it’s not quite an “Apple car.”

In an interview with Bloomberg, CEO Tim Cook said the iPhone-maker is working on the autonomous system that will drive cars, not the cars themselves (at least not for now). The project, known internally as Project Titan, was reportedly scaled back in October of last year when Apple appeared to move away from making an electric car.

Without going into much detail, Cook talked about “three vectors of change” that will disrupt the auto industry: self-driving cars, electric cars and ride-sharing companies.

“Clearly one purpose of autonomous systems is self-driving cars,” Cook said in an interview with Bloomberg. “There are others.”

Cook admits that the work being done is incredibly difficult and likened it to being “the mother of all AI projects.”

Apple appears to have started testing its autonomous car technology in California earlier this year, making it one of at least 30 companies given a permit to hit the state’s roads.

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