Calibration Brewery is coming to NKC, while Sex + Ice Cream is headed for the Crossroads

Nicole Leth’s retail shop will open in May at 1515 Walnut.
Nicole Leth’s retail shop will open in May at 1515 Walnut.

North Kansas City will soon be home to another locally owned craft brewery.

Calibration Brewery is scheduled to open this spring at 119 N. Armour Road in North Kansas City.

Founder Glen Stinson has owned the 8,500-square-foot building since 1994, leasing it to various tenants as he made improvements, including large picture windows.

About 25 years ago, he also started home brewing with his son, Nic Stinson. Nic later took up the hobby and is now helping his father in the new brewery, which will have a seven-barrel system.

It also will have a couple of wood-burning stoves in the back taproom with garage doors that will open to a beer garden, as well as an outdoor game area that will include horseshoes, croquet and fire pits.

Pat Sandman, formerly head brewer at 75th Street Brewery, will be head brewer at Calibration.

“It’s been a longtime goal to be involved in the craft brewery industry at this level, and we want to bring a unique, relaxed atmosphere to the brewery scene,” said Glen Stinson.

North Kansas City also is home to Cinder Block Brewery and The Big Rip Brewing Co.

New Crossroads retail shop

When then-18-year-old Nicole Leth was dumped by a guy she thought she was in love with, she turned her heartbreak into a career.

“At first it was revenge on him. I was going to show him I could have a really great life and he wasn’t going to be part of it,” she said.

The Des Moines, Iowa, native got a degree in textile design from the Kansas City Art Institute in May.

While she was a student, she started making clothes and selling them under her brand, Sex + Ice Cream, in area specialty stores and online. After graduating, Leth did a monthlong pop-up in Los Angeles, and her line was picked up by a few other shops in California, Nevada and Utah.

Her pieces are like wearing her personal diary.

One full skirt in white has black images of a cat (she had just adopted a new kitten), diamonds (she was thinking about women getting engaged but still belonging to themselves), cacti (she hadn’t shaved her legs for a really long time), and cupcakes and pizza (she said she obsesses about food and body image). That piece she plans to keep to use in photo shoots.

A shift has the words “It was love” on the front and “I shaved my legs for him” on the back, and another has “I wore push up bras for him” on the front with “Never again” on the back.

Now Leth plans to open a new retail shop at 1515 Walnut St. in May. Until then, she will be using the space as a workroom, making T-shirts, patches, underwear and ceramics, including mugs and planters.

“It has always been my dream to get up every day and go to a store and sell my clothes,” said Leth, who turns 23 on Valentine’s Day. “I can communicate with people who want to buy my stuff and on a face-to-face level.”

She will also carry lines by other female designers from the across the country.

Oh, and that former boyfriend? He later apologized.

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