Landlord disputes the reasons given as to why Stroud’s in Fairway closed this week

The Fairway Stroud’s closed Monday night after more than a decade of operations.

But the restaurant and its landlord are disputing the reasons behind the closing.

In a statement on Tuesday, KC Hopps Ltd., majority owner and operator of the Fairway location since 2013, said they knew the site would one day be redeveloped so they signed a short-term lease until a firm redevelopment timeline would be set.

But, they said in the statement, that hasn’t happened, and “the current state of the building, space and parking lot are simply not to Stroud’s standards.”

They said the landlord has been professional but “to our knowledge, they simply do not know the status of the redevelopment due (to) some variables beyond their control.”

But landlord MREM Fairway Property LLC disagreed.

MREM issued this statement: “Contrary to the notice that (KC Hopps president) Ed Nelson put out – Stroud’s chose to shut down operations despite having a contractual lease obligation though March 2022. Landlord is pursuing KC Hopps for back rent owed and future lease obligations correspondingly. There is no truth to Stroud’s being shut down due to ‘development’ and the referenced ‘needed repairs’ are a direct result of tenant’s unwillingness, or inability, to make the necessary investment in its premises.”

On Wednesday, Brian Douglas, spokesman for MREM, said the company expects KC Hopps to “perform per their contractual lease obligations.”

“At no point did we force them out, nor did we have any influence on KC Hopps’ decision to shut down operations at this location,” Douglas said. “It caught everyone off guard.”

Douglas said MREM’s notice came when they saw a moving truck in the Stroud’s parking lot and later the closing sign on the door.

Officials with KC Hopps declined to comment.

MREM is now marketing the former Fairway Stroud’s. The 5,300-square-foot freestanding restaurant at 4200 Shawnee Mission Parkway seats about 170 people and has its own parking lot.

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