KC eatery’s social plea: ‘Support your only Scandinavian restaurant before it’s gone’

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Midtown’s Krokstrom Klubb & Market posted a cryptic message on its Facebook page Friday.

“It’s been a difficult few months for us. Please come support your only Scandinavian restaurant before it’s gone. We appreciate KCMO and our wonderful Krokstrom family. Starting tonight help us make it to 3 years. #savekkm”

Ice storms, snow and frigid temperatures have kept many Kansas City consumers indoors this year. Faced with “plummeting” sales, Krokstrom’s owners turned to social media to let fans know of their plight.

Josh Rogers and Katee McLean don’t have investors, financing the restaurant themselves. It was a lifelong dream for McLean.

But even Restaurant Week, typically a big draw for the restaurant, was slow this year.

“Restaurant Week holds you throughout the winter. It’s a buffer. We do so much in sales in 10 days, it’s like three months,” McLean said. “It helps pay for end-of-year costs — payroll taxes, any back taxes, stuff you have put on the back burner and hope you are going to get that bump to pay for it.”

Krokstrom opened to great fanfare on Feb. 12, 2016, at 3601 Broadway.

But new restaurants keep entering the market.

“It’s: ‘Oh, this is the hot new spot. Let’s try it.’ And they forget about their favorite place,” McLean said.

Customers responded to the Facebook post with such comments as: “Love this place so much!” and “Noooo!!! You cannot go!”

Others said “date night soon” and even “date night tonight?”

Some people suggested the owners open for lunch.

McLean quickly took 80 reservations for Friday night and 55 for Saturday.

Still, only three seats are booked for Feb. 15.

“It has to continue. I have to buy food, pay employees, rent, electric and gas bills, they don’t stop,” McLean said. “And I’ve already heard from five other restaurants in similar situations.”