Area restaurants & food trucks temporarily shut down by the health department in September

The Kansas City Health Department temporarily closed several restaurants for health code violations.

▪ Chubby’s on Broadway, 3756 Broadway, was temporarily closed after a follow-up inspection on Sept. 3 because of issues with its cold holding units. The restaurant repaired the units, had a follow-up inspection that day and reopened.

The owner said the mechanical failure was corrected in about 90 minutes.

▪ Godfather’s Pizza, 5402 N.E. Antioch Road, was temporarily closed after an inspection on Sept. 8 due to a back-up into the sink during a 3-compartment sink test. The establishment was reinspected the same day, had corrected the issue, and was allowed to reopen.

In statement, restaurant officials said: “The health inspector conducted a 3-compartment sink test. This test required the inspector to fill 2 out of the 3 sinks completely full of water and drain them simultaneously. After conducting the test 3 times, water started to slightly seep out of the grease trap. We have our grease trap cleaned on a regular basis, and have been here for over 20 years and have never had this happen before. It is unrealistic that we would drain that much water at one time. The health inspector felt like this was a critical violation of the health code and that we needed to correct the violation before business operations could continue. We immediately called a plumber who cleaned our grease trap. The inspector came back out a few hours later to reconduct the 3-compartment sink test which we passed and were immediately able to open for business.”

▪ Magnolia’s Contemporary Southern Bistro, 2932 Cherry St., was temporarily shut down during a Sept. 10 follow-up inspection when its dishwasher was still broken following a Sept. 3 inspection and dishes could not be properly sanitized.

Magnolia’s was reinspected on Sept. 12 and no critical violations and was allowed to reopen.

“After three years of operations they decided that the dishwasher we were using was not adequately sanitizing under current code and that we had to put in a third sink,” said Shanita McAfee, owner.

During an inspection on Sept. 3, the inspector said the dishwasher was broken and the restaurant only had a 2-compartment sink. When the inspector asked the person in charge how they sanitized the dishes they said he couldn't offer an explanation. The inspector told the restaurant to set up a big bucket of water with sanitizer in it to sanitize the dishes after they were washed and rinsed in the 2-compartment sink.

▪ Subway, 8564 N. Church Road, was temporarily closed Sept. 8 after a routine inspection. The air conditioners were not working, resulting in the inability to keep cold food cold at the make-table. The establishment repaired the problem and requested a follow-up inspection later that afternoon, had 1 critical violation and was allowed to reopen.

A manager declined to comment on the violations.

▪ Subway, Wal-Mart Supercenter, 8301 N. Church Road, was temporarily closed Sept. 5 after a routine inspection found unsanitary conditions in the kitchen as a result of a water leak. Subway corrected the violations, requested a follow-up inspection on Monday, and was allowed to reopen.

Subway officials did not return phone calls.

During the First Fridays event in the West Bottoms on Sept. 5, the following mobile food units had their permits suspended:

▪ Indy Wraps-n-Bowls, 201 N. Forest Ave., Independence, for foods held at improper temperatures (foods discarded). The food truck’s permit is still suspended.

A manager said the food truck lost power.

▪ KC Concessions, 1613 E. Peoria St., Paola, Kan., for foods held at improper temperatures (food discarded). It was reinspected on Sept. 10, had no critical violations and the permit was reinstated.

The owner declined to comment.

▪ KC Smoke Burgers, 431 Westport Road, for a leak in he undercarriage. Foods also were held at improper temperatures.

Officials with KC Smoke Burgers did not return phone calls.

The food truck was reinspected on Sept. 10, had no critical violations and was allowed to reopen.

▪ Sombrero’s Mexican Cantina, 22702 Midland Drive, Shawnee, for no sanitizer and no hot water.

“We did have sanitizer and we had hot water but the circuit breaker was tripped,” said Lee Roberts, owner. “We have corrected all of our violations and we expect to be re-inspected next week.”

The Health Department said mobile units, MaMa Gia’s Street Eats in Peculiar, Mo., and Mekong Café in Liberty, did not have food permits so trucks were shut down and left the premises.

The owner of MaMa Gia’s said she has a Cass County permit but not a Kansas City permit. She plans to apply for a Kansas City permit next year when she starts her season.

The owner of Mekong Cafe said the Mekong food truck is under separate ownership but prepares food in the Liberty restaurant. The owners of the food truck have applied for a permit.

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