Stirring iced tea with a hand? Raising Cane's employees' viral video gets them fired

A video of an employee stirring a pitcher of iced tea with her bare hand at a Northland Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers has gone viral, even as the employees responsible have been fired.

The caption on the video, which was posted on Snapchat: "Don't drink tea from Cane's, she tryflin cause we don't care no more."

The smiling employee then poured the tea into a large dispenser.

Someone took a video of the original post and shared it on Facebook. That post had nearly 700,000 views by Thursday afternoon.

The incident happened at the newest area Raising Cane's, which opened in late October 2017 at 8771 N. Ambassador Drive, just east of Interstate 29.

In a statement, AJ Kumaran, president, COO, fry cook and cashier (his actual title) at Raising Cane's, said: "At Raising Cane’s, we take pride in what we do and work very hard to train our 19,000+ crewmembers to uphold the highest standards, which our customers have come to expect from us. After reviewing the video of the isolated incident at the Tiffany Springs restaurant, we are incredibly disappointed by the actions of these crewmembers. We take the safety and quality of our food very seriously, and we will not tolerate any actions that compromise these standards."

Kumaran said the Snapchat video was posted Tuesday evening and management became aware of it shortly after. The two teenage employees involved in the video were fired. Management also discarded the iced tea and sanitized the serving station.

Wednesday morning, they had the Kansas City Health Department come out to talk to workers.

"The establishment had already taken action and addressed the situation. We just reiterated with a verbal warning that they need to adhere to the food code," said Bill Snook, spokesman for the health department.

The Northland Raising Cane's had no critical violations during a routine inspection on June 7.

Raising Cane's also held an all-crew meeting Thursday morning at the Northland restaurant to "reinforce our procedures."

"It doesn't represent our values. It's a very isolated situation in one restaurant. We terminated both crew members and have a clean bill of health," Kumaran said. "It's very disappointing."

But firing might not be the only action the company takes against the two workers.

"We are exploring all options," Kumaran said.

Raising Cane's was founded by Todd Graves in 1996 in Baton Rouge, La., and now has nearly 380 restaurants in 24 states (including area locations in Blue Springs, Independence, Lawrence, Liberty, Overland Park, Shawnee and Westport), as well as around the world, including Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Multiple new restaurants are under construction.