Couple set up midtown mobile coffee shop

Christine and Jon Clutton have set up The Wild Way coffee camper in midtown.
Christine and Jon Clutton have set up The Wild Way coffee camper in midtown.

Jon and Christine Clutton's version of the road less traveled is a mobile coffee shop.

With the help of nearly a dozen people, they built a mobile camper for the Wild Way and have now set up shop in a parking lot on 31st Street between Gillham Road and Gillham Plaza.

They said they fell in love over coffee (Christine's drink of choice) and tea (Jon's typical order) while in college.

Meanwhile she planned a coffee shop of her own, taking a class in entrepreneurship and touring coffee farms while doing an internship in Kenya for a summer.

Christine Clutton also has four years of experience in the industry, including three years as barista, customer experience manager and then general manager of Cuvee Coffee in Austin.

It was there that she learned more of the science behind a superior cup of coffee — water mineral content, temperatures and more.

That science aspect converted Jon — a Canadian who graduated in the top of his class in neuroscience at the University of Texas — from a tea drinker to a coffee enthusiast.

Christine is a native of Leavenworth and wanted to start the business here.

The Wild Way serves pour-over coffee, hot and iced tea, pastries and other sweets.

They use mostly local vendors including Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters in the Crossroads, Oddly Correct in Westport, and Repetition Coffee in Lawrence, as well as Blueprint Coffee in St. Louis and Hildebrand Farms Dairy in Junction City, Kan. (The couple meets them in De Soto to pick up the freshest products).

The Wild Way will be open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.