Seafood restaurant opening in the Foundry space in Westport

Sailor Jack's emblem of a seaman was done by Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Quyen Dinh.
Sailor Jack's emblem of a seaman was done by Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Quyen Dinh. Beer KC Restaurant Group

After a decade as a "late night urban beer palace," Westport's The Foundry shut down Saturday night.

Now its local owners will remodel the space at 424 Westport Road for Sailor Jack's Snack Shack.

Foundry founders Mark Kelpe and James Westphal of Beer KC Restaurant Group also own Westport's Beer Kitchen, Char Bar and McCoy's Public House.

They said they continually work on new concepts but wait for the "right place and right time" to introduce them instead of just rushing them into an available spot.

"We feel we do food pretty well, and we feel like Kansas City is ready for a different approach to seafood," Kelpe said. "Instead of white tablecloth, Sailor Jack's will be a little more approachable."

Beer KC Restaurant Group's executive chef, Michael Peterson, collaborated on the menu with Sailor Jack's executive chef, Devin Campbell. Campbell had previously been with the Foundry before joining the American and then Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room.

Sailor Jack's signature dishes will include four different lobster rolls, West Coast Sand Dabs, Old Bay-spiced fried chicken (from Campo Lindo Farms), Rhode Island fried clams, a spicy crab melt, lobster corn bake, low country shrimp boil and a sharing platter called "Release the Kraken."

It also will have vegetarian items including a lobster roll made with hearts of palm instead of lobster, as well as house-made slaws and salads and rum-based drinks.

The front patio will connect to McCoy's Public House next door, and its facade will resemble the bow of a boat with a 30-foot mast and three sails. Tabletops will be made from 1880s-era ship hatches. Photography by Nicole Cawlfield of rescued pit bulls dressed as admirals will be among the artwork.