National blog network names KC area’s ‘essential burgers’ and iconic bars

Town-Topic makes ‘essential hamburgers’ list.
Town-Topic makes ‘essential hamburgers’ list. The Kansas City Star

Eater, a national network of blogs covering restaurants, bars and nightlife, has listed “The 21 Essential Hamburgers of America,” from “classic iterations to the best bistro burgers.”

The burgers are listed under the headings of truly classic, new classic and ultimate bistro.

Town-Topic Hamburgers made the classics list along with such chains as In-N-Out Burger. Town-Topic’s classic slider is described as a “thin patty cooked on a griddle atop (and below) shredded raw onion. As the onions cook, they release water, creating additional steam heat that helps shape the flavor of the beef,” Eater said.

▪ Kelly’s Westport Inn and Johnny’s Tavern in Lawrence recently made Thrillest’s “The Most Iconic Bar in Every State (And DC)” list.

The leading men’s digital lifestyle brand said the bars had to have been famous, been around since at least 1990 and still be a popular hangout. The 51 operations ranged from dive bars to fancy hotel bars that had hosted presidents. All “have stood the test of time, broken bottles, and health inspections, and they keep bringing the crowds back in.”

For Missouri that is Kelly’s Westport Inn, circa 1947, described by Thrillist as “one of the mainstays of the original entertainment district” of Kansas City and “people are still partying there. Especially on St. Patrick’s Day, where they do a week’s business in 16 hours. … College kids from UMKC and Rockhurst pack the place on the weekend, and anyone who wants to catch a Mizzou game (or any game, period) has 18 TVs to choose from.”

For Kansas, Thrillest selected Johnny’s Tavern in north Lawrence. Johnny’s Tavern, circa 1953, attracts “local townies, bank presidents and college kids.” It is 7,000 square feet, “mostly due to the fact that it’s housed in a former tractor/farm implement store.”

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