Kansas City’s Bier Station makes a national ‘best beer bar’ list

Bier Station at 120 E. Gregory Blvd.
Bier Station at 120 E. Gregory Blvd.

Online lifestyle site Thrillist has named “The Best Beer Bar in Every State.” For Missouri, that’s Bier Station.

Thrillist said the “quality and quantity of suds in this country have never been better. Case in point: Every state in the union now boasts at least one (and in most cases, many, many more than one) bar worthy of the title “beer bar.”

According to Thrillist, a true beer bar obsesses over beer and caters to those who do the same. It cares about clean lines and proper glassware, has interesting beers on tap but doesn’t cheapen the quality in a chase for sheer quantity.

Bier Station is between the Brookside and Waldo neighborhoods at 120 E. Gregory Blvd.

Thrillist describes it as a hybrid bottle shop and beer bar that “might feel a little clean and modern for those who like their beer bars dark and divey, what with its digital menu and is that... natural light? But once you peruse said glowing menu, start tackling the pleasantly diverse tap list (with 4-ounce taster pours available on every beer if you’re decision-challenged or looking to cover a lot of ground), you’ll find yourself settling in for the long haul, particularly if it’s a nice day and you’ve snagged yourself a spot on the patio upstairs. Also, it’s always a plus when you happen upon a new beer you like and have the opportunity to immediately purchase more of it to take home with you right there on the spot.”

Old Town Wichita’s The Anchor is the top “beer bar” for Kansas. Thrillist said it “does a little bit of everything, mixing in some coffee shop elements by day and running a full-on butcher shop next door. But first and foremost it does beer, and it does it really well (58 meticulously selected taps well, to be exact).”

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