Buzz 96.5 FM morning show host Afentra tries to help assault victim, gets attacked herself

Afentra hosted the morning show on 96.5 The Buzz.
Afentra hosted the morning show on 96.5 The Buzz.

Call her Afentra — fighter of crime, righter of wrongs.

The host of “Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz” on 96.5 FM told listeners Monday about the not-so-excellent adventure she and a female friend had late Saturday night.

Her story (which can be heard in a podcast on the Buzz website) took more than 25 minutes to tell on the radio, but the boiled-down version is that they intervened when they saw a man attack a woman outside Missie B’s bar at Southwest Trafficway and 39th Street.

Then, she said, the guy attacked Afentra, too.

Kansas City police said Derrick Jung, 25, of Belleville, Ill., was arrested nearby at 39th Street and Roanoke Road and issued three summonses on charges of assault and one for drug paraphernalia.

Afentra said she and her friend had taken in a Spice Girls-themed drag show at Missie B’s.

Afterward, they got a bite to eat and then returned to the bar, where they continued to talk in the car. About 2:30 a.m., a vehicle almost sideswiped a woman on foot in the parking lot, and a man emerged and started an altercation.

Afentra said she and her friend got out of the car when they saw the man punch the woman and drag her by her hair.

She said her message to him was, “Hey man, don’t do this.” Maybe, she told listeners, simply making him aware that other people were around would calm things down.

Using her “torch of justice” — her cellphone — Afentra took pictures of the man as well as his vehicle’s license plate. In one pic he’s even posing in front of his car. (Afentra later sent out those photos on Instagram.)

But the picture-taking angered him even more, Afentra said. He “sucker-punched” her and grabbed her hair. In the process her phone and keys went flying.

As he was dragging her by the hair, she was trying to regain her balance, she said. She managed to pick up her keys and started jabbing him, going higher and higher up, hoping to gouge an eye.

Meanwhile, her friend called police and eventually the man let go of her. He then got in his car and took off but almost ran her over, Afentra said.

But “that’s not how I go down,” she said.

The police account of the incident adds that a man who was with the first female victim — the two were walking to a friend’s house — was also hit in the face after the suspect got out of his vehicle yelling, “Get the hell out of the way.”

“He hit 2 women last night, dragged us by our hair & used his vehicle to threaten us,” Afentra wrote on Instagram. “You’re a coward. Violence against women is not tolerated & we will not stand for it.”

The Star’s Tony Rizzo contributed to this report.

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