Maker City KC

This Lee’s Summit entrepreneur is building a lifestyle brand for cool, dedicated dads

When Miles Huddleston learned his wife was pregnant with their first daughter, he found himself walking around a big department store, searching for something that would express his excitement.

“All I could find were “#1 Dad” shirts and that is definitely not my style,” Huddleston says.

He decided to build a brand for dads who give their all and embody what it means to be a good father. Founded on the principles that dads are the wisest and wealthiest people their children will ever know, Rich Dad Society was born.

“When we say “rich,” we’re talking about what we’re trying to instill in our children,” Huddleston says. “Richness in character, the wealth of knowledge we’ll provide as parents. Everything that money can’t buy is what we want to highlight when it comes to being called a ‘Rich Dad.’”


Huddleston grew up in Edwardsville, Illinois and moved to Lee’s Summit in 2013. Prior to founding Rich Dad Society, he was part of the hip hop scene as an emcee. This year, he’s transitioning from a day job in the banking industry to being a stay-at-home dad to his two daughters. He’s also working on building his Rich Dad Society brand and a podcast called Rich Dad Round Table with his executive brand ambassador, Dom Fells.

Currently, Rich Dad Society offers socks, T-shirts, golf polos, lightweight jackets, hand-poured candles, and whiskey glasses. However, the brand is ever-expanding. Huddleston works with local vendors to ensure all products stay as local as possible.

Rich Dad Society collaborated with Embers Candle Bar in Lee’s Summit on a candle scent called “The City” that blends notes of bourbon, vanilla, amber musk and hops. The whiskey glasses they designed are etched by Just Frame It in Lee’s Summit, and their socks are from Sock 101 in Lee’s Summit.

“We work hard to support all of our local small businesses,” Huddleston says.


Rich Dad Society was formed to bring fashion and comfort to all parents and to build a sense of pride for an otherwise under-recognized group while creating a culture that embraces solidarity and unity.

When Huddleston was introduced to Fells back in 2017, not only was Fells excited to wear the brand, he and Huddleston became fast friends. Together they realized Rich Dad Society should enter the digital world to engage with a larger community.

Huddleston and Fells started their Rich Dad Round Table podcast to share their experiences of being dads. They had both welcomed their first children and had many questions about fatherhood.

On the podcast, the two dads talk about life and how to be positive role models.

“We are basically navigating adulthood,” Huddleston says. “Both Dom and I are first generation success stories and many of our well-off, white counterparts already know all this info so we are talking about it to both learn and teach others like us.”


Their episodes have focused on issues such as maternity leave, gender roles and “how not to be toxic.” The podcast has featured a wide variety of guests, including a sex therapist.

Huddleston says Kansas City is a great place to be an entrepreneur.

“Even with multiple companies being similar, there’s enough opportunity for everyone,” he says. “If you’ve got an idea, it’s so much easier to put everything into play.”

His advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs and makers is to stay the course.

“There’s times where you have an idea that you think is great and it will fail,” he says. “It’s discouraging, but the next one is a success. So, just stay the course and believe in what it is you’re doing. It’s a marathon and that hasn’t changed.”


You can find Rich Dad Society online, on Facebook and Instagram, in person at Red Door Wine in Lee’s Summit and at The Strawberry Swing’s 9th Annual Summer Swing at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art on Sunday, August 11.