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What’s going on with my drift roses?

Drift roses, covered with mildew?
Drift roses, covered with mildew? Submitted.


My drift roses don't look good, any idea what I can treat them with? Looks like mildew or something. - Wayne

Answer: It seems that you are not alone as we are having an outbreak of powdery mildew on roses. I have the same issue in my garden. Powdery mildew favors our recent nice days and cooler evenings. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to correct the already infected foliage. Prevention is the key with a combination of cultural practices and fungicide sprays. Avoid wetting the foliage when watering. Fertilization will help promote new growth. New growth can also be protected by weekly sprays of a fungicide such as Triforine (Funginex) or Myclobutanil (Immunox). Personally in my own garden I am going to ride it out with a combination of fertilization and tolerance of the less than perfect foliage. Hopefully as our weather patterns change the issue will correct itself. - Dennis