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What kind of an ornamental tree would work best in this spot?

By Dennis Patton

What’s a good tree for this location?
What’s a good tree for this location? Submitted


I need to plant a small ornamental tree in this area. The widest part of this area is 9 ft. and the length is 17 ft. As you can see this is in the open with no shelter. I previously had a small cut leaf maple and later a Rose of Sharon trimmed to look like a tree. Both of these didn’t make it for different reasons. I plant annuals around this tree every spring. What do you suggest? Barb


This is a very small spot for a tree so getting it right is important. I have several suggestions. Basically many shrubs are trained into what is called a standard. The Rose of Sharon you mentioned would have been a standard. That is making the shrub more tree like with a trunk. My suggestion would be to use one of the Panicle Hydrangeas as a standard. These are widely available at the nursery. There are several varieties you will find grown as standards. These include Limelight, Tardiva, Quickfire and other in this species. The one drawback of this plant is that it grows best with good irrigation. The other nice thing about this plant is that it blooms white in July to August when we need some color. Hope this helps - Dennis