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Why isn’t my fescue lawn greening up this spring?

By Dennis Patton

Why isn’t my fescue lawn greening up?
Why isn’t my fescue lawn greening up? Submitted.


Here’s a pic of my fescue lawn this season. It should be green but look what I have going on. Any ideas? Fungus? Grubs? How do I treat this issue? There is the possibility that I may have Bermuda or Zoysia grass that has spread and what I thought was a fungus may just be the Bermuda/Zoysia grass that hasn’t greened up yet. - Troy


It would appear from the photo that you do have a mix of zoysia in with your fescue. Zoysia is a warm season grass and will not green up until early May in a normal year. The fescue is a cool season turf and greens up much earlier. The ideal time to fertilize fescue is in the fall months, September and November. Extension does not recommend a lot of spring fertilization as it all goes into to top growth which means you mow more often. If you want to eradicate the zoysia from the fescue that is another question and answer. Hope this helps - Dennis