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Question: How to remove vine tendrils from siding?


We have had a climbing hydrangea vine on the north side of our house for several years. We installed a significant trellis for the vine but it has exceeded even those limits. And since it has only been very marginally successful, we are in the process of removing it. As you may have guessed, it has left its tendrils on the James Hardie (concrete) siding. Do you have any recommendations for removing the tendrils from the siding without damaging the siding? Thank you for your insight! - Foy


Your question is really not about gardening which is my background. I did some searching around and the best source of information I found was on the website for the James Hardie company. I am attaching a link to their recommendations for cleaning. While this produce is durable and holds paints they are very specific about how it should be cleaned. Unfortunately I don’t think there is an easy solution to your issue. You may have to clean it the best you can so as not to damage the siding and then repaint the surface. Dennis