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Snow-covered garden
Snow-covered garden

From Dennis Patton:

No matter how you look at it, January and February is just plain old torture for a gardener. We can live with December. It is our month of rest. And of course all the holiday hustle and bustle keeps our mind off our passion. But then when the New Year arrives we find ourselves staring out the window, wondering, planning, plotting and waiting with anticipation to get back out there. Oh the chores and projects that await us seem endless.

Like most of you, we have been huddled up inside because of the cold winter weather. I have not taken even one mild winter day stroll through the garden looking for signs of life. Instead I am just waiting.

Some of us fill our wintertime with reading, surfing the net and learning more about our passion. Others just hold off and wait for the first signs of green to appear, and race out feeling the adrenal rush. Oh the feeling of the earth between the fingers, or the joy of cleaning up the garden. Doesn’t that sound good when the wind chills are minus 10 degrees?

But for now we must wait. This is the first blog column of the New Year. As I prepare to submit these weekly columns over the course of this coming growing season I started wondering: Does anyone read what I write? Does anyone care that there is a weekly column? Now I know that sounds like an odd question, but I do believe it needs to be asked?

Why ask? Well a blog is about dialogue. There does not seem to be that much conversation. It got me thinking; do you read these columns or really care? Is the information helpful? Do you want to read my ramblings on the blog? Should it go away? I guess I am asking for some honest feedback.

The New Year brings with it a sense of renewal and those silly resolutions. My resolution to you, the readers, is to find out what you want? Do you want more columns from me? Do you want them to go away? If you like the weekly columns what would you like to read?

Traditionally each week I pick a topic to write about. Examples include: when to prune, the time to transplant, and when to control bagworms. Last fall I started a series I called “This week in the Patton garden,” where I discussed what is happening in my backyard and weaved tips and tricks into the information. Did you like it? Would you prefer more how-to columns? I would like some feedback.

As you read this column please hit the comment button. When we created the blog we were hoping for two-way communication, not a one-sided monologue. Gardeners love to share and exchange ideas. My goal is to help you be better gardeners and enjoy your hobby, but let the sharing begin, we need to hear from you. Here’s hoping for another great year in the garden. As you know, this time of year gardeners are full of anticipation for the upcoming season.