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What are those brown spots on my lawn?


I know I have read of these dreaded brown spots in lawns before now - but cannot recall the reason and/or the solution. Our lawn was originally blue grass but has been overseeded with fescue. Is there a solution? Thanks very much. - Foy

Answer: Your question is very open-ended and will be difficult to answer. From your description I can’t diagnose your concerns as I simply don’t have enough information. But with that being said the most common tall fescue disease is brown patch. Brown patch favors warm humid nights. Usually it starts to show up in late June or early July. When the night time temperatures stay in the mid to upper 70’s that is brown patch weather. Control of brown patch is difficult. There are cultural practices such as proper fertilization, not watering at night but often these tactics fail. Those that want to help prevent will apply a lawn fungicides in mid-June and repeat again mid-July. This will help suppress the disease. But I must warn you they are not always 100%. They are better than no treatment. Lawn fungicide treatments are expensive. The other option is to let the issue run its course and overseed in the fall. I hope this helps and please post back if you have follow up questions. Dennis Patton