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How can I get my amaryllis to bloom again?


I have 6 or 7 pots of amaryllis, some with more than one bulb in them. I have had them for years, and they used to bloom every spring. I have been putting the whole pot down in the ground, in a shady spot, for the summer; bring the pots into the garage over the winter, but do not let them freeze; and usually water them once about December; then bring them into the warmth, light, and water in March. However, for two years I have had no blooms at all. This year I fertilized them when I re-started them, but no results. This fall I have taken them out of the pots and put them in cardboard boxes with dry grasses. How can I get them to bloom again? Margaret


Amaryllis flower buds can be killed if the temperatures get below 50 degrees. I used to have the same problem until a Master Gardener friend told me to always bring the plants indoors on Labor Day. Why? Because normally, even though it is still warm, we will have nights that dip down into the forties. When I followed this advice, the amaryllis successfully rebloomed. So I am guessing that either the plants are left outside too long, or your garage is too cold. Also, although the bulbs don't need a lot of room in the pot, some of your pots may have become too crowded. Bring the bulbs into a cool, dry place, and repot after they rest. Fertilize once, and then again after they bloom and at least monthly throughout the growing season outside. With this plan, you might still miss flowers in the spring (depending upon when they were brought inside), but then may have some the following year. Hope this helps. Carole- Johnson County Extension Master Gardener