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What about grubs? And what’s killing my barberry bushes?


Is it too late to put grub control down? Also my barberry bushes are losing all their leaves. I don't see any bugs or mildew, what could the problem be? - Pat


Grubs, it is late in the season to control grubs. The best time is to prevent with an application in late June with an insecticide. We have not had a lot of grub reports. With the cooler temps they will be moving deeper in the soil and feeding will decrease. Also with the cooler soils and fall rains the grass will be able to cope with the feeding. My recommendation is no. If you want more insurance then apply an insecticide called Dylox.

Barberry, I really don't have enough information for a good answer. Barberry have very few issues. My guess is that the problem is more environmental. Check to see if the vascular system is healthy. If the branches bend and is moist underneath then it is more just a result of the summer conditions.-- Dennis Patton