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Why are squirrels chewing up my cedar tree?

Pieces of my cedar tree.
Pieces of my cedar tree.


Are you able to explain why the squirrels are chewing off chunks of branches from my cedar tree? This has been going on for about 3 wks. I am afraid that my tree will be damaged. I am including some pictures. Thank you. Shawn


Good news. My guess is that they are eating the juniper berries. Squirrels are now busy feasting on all nature's bounty. The tree should survive. Carole - Johnson County Extension Master Gardener


We have been receiving this question on and off for the entire season. There are many reasons why squirrels do this. Here are a few: bored and at play, seeking moisture or enjoy the sugary sap, or sharpening their teeth. Even though it appears like a lot of damage it is not that great considering the entire tree. The question is how do you get it to stop. Try putting out a pan of water or I guess yell “scat, get.” Best recommendation just tolerate as it will pass. -- Dennis