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Help! How can I keep zoysia out of my gardens?


Help! I have 40 4 x 8 raised vegetable garden beds. I have zoysia taking over in some of them. I have pulled and pulled but to no avail. Any suggestions on getting rid of it? Oh yeah, I am an organic urban farmer. Thanks. I really enjoy the blog. - Bill


Since you are farming organically, pulling the zoysia out of the gardens is probably your only option. To make the zoysia easier to control, maintaining a zoysia free band around the gardens may be your best bet. You don't say if the raised beds are contained within a barrier, or were​ created by mounding up the soil, but either way, I would hoe out a bare zone around the beds, then try to keep these areas cleaned out before the zoysia spreads into the gardens. If you are digging or tilling the beds, it will be important to get rid of the zoysia beforehand, as any stolons left over will begin to grow again in the spring.

Another option is to use (yes, this is not organic) a band spray of glyphosate outside the garden area, to kill off the zoysia. You can do this now, before the zoysia begins to go dormant. Glyphosate does not bind in the soil, so as long as you do not let any spray get on your garden plants, applying this chemical may help to give you some control. Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide.

Best of luck. Glad you enjoy the blog.

Carole-Johnson County Extension Master Gardener