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How do I trim and propagate my dieffenbachia?


I have a dieffenbachia that sorely needs propagation and trimming down - how do I go about this? I faintly remember something about "layering", back in my garden club days. Thanks so much!! - Patty


Dieffenbachia is a great old-fashioned houseplant. Over time it can get leggy as in lower light tends to drop the older leaves. This leaves a trunk and then leaves at the top. The quickest and simplest way to rejuvenate this plant is to simply cut it back about 6 inches to a foot from the base. At this point the plant will develop new shoots to start the plant over. You can also air layer the plant and develop new roots on the top growth and save. Just search on the internet for air layering methods and follow the instructions. Once the layering is done and the new plant is rooted and remove then cut the stock down as recommended above. So you can make it simple, just discard the top growth and save the base stock and roots or combine with air layering. The end result is a rejuvenated plant. - Dennis