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More on the dying lilac

Lilac tree
Lilac tree


(Here are photos from all four sides. Click on the arrows to see them all.) More info from Linda: East side of house, on a mound. I believe it is a Japanese Lilac Standard from Suburban 14 years ago when we had the landscaping done. Put in by professional. Have not scraped the bark. Die back started early last week and has advanced quickly. Hope this helps; otherwise, I'll scrape the bark. Let it sit and if it's totally dead by fall, will have it removed and determine what else to do with that space. - Linda


This is not a Japanese Tree Lilac. This is a standard lilac, probably dwarf Korean. This plant has issues with borers. I would check deep inside the “head” or growing point for signs of borers. This would include small holes.. At this point you will need to prune out the dead wood. It is to late to treat for borers this year. Check it out and see if I am on the right track - Dennis