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How do I get rid of Bermuda grass?


Bought a house in October and now find out that the yard this summer is growing large spots of Bermuda grass. Any ideas how to get rid of it before it takes over the whole yard? - Gail


Bermuda and zoysia grass, while desirable in some parts of the country, tend not to be popular in Kansas City. Control can be accomplished if a few simple procedures are followed.

The best time to control is in late July through early August. Here are the steps. 1) Make sure it is actively growing. That is not a problem this summer but in dry years you would need to water. 2) Skip a mowing or two so that there is a nice amount of good lush growth. 3) Spray the area to be controlled with glyphosate (Roundup) type products. Wait a week or so and re-treat areas that still show signs of green. 4) You are now ready to mow low, verticut and overseed. That best time to overseed is late August or early September.

Attempting to control at other times of the year is not highly successful. In the late summer the unwanted grass is preparing for winter and pulls more chemical into the roots for better control. In following years watch for regrowth and treat as needed. Keep in mind the glyphosate will kill your desirable turf. Hope this helps and let us know if you have follow up questions. - Dennis