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What’s gone wrong with my hydrangea?

By Dennis Patton

Little Lime hydrangea
Little Lime hydrangea


This is a picture of my Little Lime hydrangea, which is growing in a large washtub. It's been there four years, doing well. This spring I thought it was looking leggy so I pruned it and gave some miracle gro plant food. It started greening up nicely but now I see the upper leaves are looking shriveled. Any idea what's going on here? - Patricia


The problem with your hydrangea is one of two things. The first and most likely is aphid damage. Aphids are sucking insects and the resulting damage is curling, puckering of the foliage. Control would be a strong spray of water or an insecticidal soap. Chemicals can be used also. The second and less likely issue is herbicide injury. If it is aphids pull back and open the leaf and look for very small insects. Hope that helps. - Dennis