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What is this mystery plant?

Mystery plant
Mystery plant Submitted photo


Wondering if this is something I want in my garden? I’ve got two and I didn’t plant them that’s for sure! Thanks - Lori


From the picture, it looks like this plant is in the Mint family. The identifying characteristic are the square stalk, opposite leaves, and the flower, which looks to have 5 petals, 2 lobes up and 3 down. Rubbing a leaf between your fingers may help to identify what kind. The Mint family is huge, and most reseed nicely. More than that I cannot say. Perhaps Dennis can provide more info. Carole-Johnson County Extension Master Gardener

The mystery plant is a Salvia which is commonly grown as an annual. A good guess of the variety would be something along the lines of Summer Jewel Pink. This type of annual salvia is a different species than the typical red flowering salvia that is most common. It is a good plant for butterflies and hummingbirds. Hope this helps and enjoy. Like all annual salvias it would be best with at least a half to full day of sun and even moisture and fertilization.

- Dennis