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What should I do about holes in my box-shaped shrubs?

Box-shaped shrub with a hole in it.
Box-shaped shrub with a hole in it.


I know you’re not supposed to trim your shrubs into shapes but my box-shaped shrubs came with the house a number of years ago. Now one of them had a spot that died off so there’s a big hole. What should I do? And what should I do with the rest of the boxes? Thanks - Jordy


Dead spots in evergreens are troublesome and difficult to deal with as they do not easily renew from older growth. This can be compounded when the plants are sheared tightly. If you are able to stop shearing the plants and allow them to grow more naturally given a year or so the plant will cover the hole with new growth. Shearing the hole may close a little but it will take time. Another thought is maybe this dead spot is your signal that it is time to renew the landscape. That is remove the old and tired looking plant for a young, fresh and vigorous plant. Plants don’t have to be perfect for ever. Hope that helps – Dennis