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We want to plant apple trees in PV -- are we crazy?


My wife has decided it would be great to have apple trees in our backyard. First question: are we crazy? Second: She has selected Honeycrisp, Goldrush and Pinklady but we seem to get conflicting information on whether these will cross pollinate. Any other considerations we should pay attention to?

Thank you,

Andy in Prairie Village


You have selected three interesting varieties. Goldrush is the most adaptable variety for the Kansas City climate. Honeycrisp will grow in our area but it does not always like our climate and soils. Pinklady is not suited for our climate. Apples do produce best when cross pollinated but between crabapples in neighborhoods and multiple trees you are planting pollination is usually not an issue in an suburban area. I would recommend that you use the University of Missouri Extension information for selecting varieties to grow in the KC. The link is


- Dennis