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Serve up a snacker’s dream with edible stadiums for Super Bowl Sunday

This “snackadium,” features sub sandwiches, salsa, guacamole and cheese dip among pizza slices and other snacks.
This “snackadium,” features sub sandwiches, salsa, guacamole and cheese dip among pizza slices and other snacks. Twitter

If you’re a football fan, or just appreciate modern art, you’ve probably seen an edible stadium before.

In recent years, football fanatics have gotten creative with their Super Bowl spreads by recreating the traditional football field into a food lover’s feast.

The monstrosities are hard to miss — some are savory, some are sweet, but from the goal posts to the 50-yard line, everything can be eaten.

We rounded up some of our favorite creations made of chips, dips, subs and sausages to serve as inspiration before Super Bowl Sunday.

This field, posted by the Belleville News-Democrat, combines all that is holy in food heaven: sub sandwiches, salsa and cheese dip end zones, a guacamole field of dreams and slices of pizza in the seats. Can we get an “Amen”?

The Portland Press Herald featured tips on how to make a “snackadium” like this one, built by Portland-area chefs. From the beer bottles bordering the stadium to the football made out of chocolate pate and buttercream, this stadium leaves no detail untouched.

Meat lovers beware: this edible stadium might send you into post-game sweats. Pepperonis and deli meat serve as the foundation of this bad boy, filled with cheese, crackers and pretzels on the inside.

We can’t leave out the sweet sports fans, who probably wouldn’t mind being seating next to a row of cupcakes looking out onto a field of glistening green icing.

No “snackadium” is complete without donuts, which surround an audience of Cheetos, pretzels, chips and pigs in a blanket in this colorful creation.

Blogger Megan Brooks of Sassy Eats shared her own edible stadium, which includes homemade pretzels, pulled pork sandwiches, pigs in a blanket and even fruit and vegetables for a healthy kick.

For tips on how to build your own “snackadium,” Pillsbury has a detailed breakdown of different materials and recipes to try.

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