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Fried chicken face-off: Final four restaurants go beak to beak in Round 3

Stroud’s pan-fried chicken has made it the Final Four in our fried chicken bracket.
Stroud’s pan-fried chicken has made it the Final Four in our fried chicken bracket. The Kansas City Star

We’re down to the final four in our monthlong fried chicken tournament.

Readers cast more than 2,000 votes in Round 2, which yielded two amazingly close contests. In the Artisan category, Rye scored 51 percent of the popular vote to beat Pig & Finch. The Southern Style “game” between Niecie’s Restaurant and Magnolia’s Modern Southern Cuisine was also a nailbiter, but ultimately, Niecie’s nabbed 51 percent of the vote to win a spot in Round 3.

[Round 3: Click here to cast your votes]

The Homestyle and Quick Service contests were dominated by Stroud’s and Go Chicken Go, respectively. Stroud’s toppled newcomer Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken with 63 percent of the vote. Go Chicken Go bested Corner Cafe with 64 percent.

The competition promises to heat up even more for Round 3, when Stroud’s goes beak to beak with Niecie’s, and Rye takes on Go Chicken Go. Cast your Round 3 votes through 9 a.m. March 14. We’ll reveal the winners of Round 3 on March 16, and the winner of the fourth and final round on March 23.

Don’t see your favorite fried chicken restaurant in our bracket? We’re still accepting write-in votes via email at Last week, readers emailed us to rave about the fried chicken at The North End, 910 E. Fifth St.; O’Neill’s Restaurant & Bar, 9417 Mission Road in Leawood; and Cosentino’s Market, 14 W. 62nd Terrace, to name a few.

Geralynn Barner of Overland Park made a strong case for Jess & Jim’s Steak House, 517 E. 135th St. She says the restaurant’s three-breast dinner with cottage fries, green beans and gravy “is to die for.”

Barner, 63, frequents Jess & Jim’s with her husband and 90-year-old father-in-law.

“We are all from a time when your mother or grandma fried up a free-range hen and had popping grease scars on her arms on display like a badge of honor,” she wrote. “When we turned on that old, in-wall exhaust fan, all the neighborhood cats came a runnin’. … Man, am I hungry now!”

So are we, Geralynn. So are we.