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The Star’s 2015 Quilt Project: Block 10, Hazel and friends sing on TV

Fair Weather quilt square
Fair Weather quilt square

We’re up to Block 10 of our 2015 block-of-the-month project, “Hazel’s Diary,” a 1950s-style quilt with appliquéd wildflowers over pieced blocks. This year’s quilt is inspired by diary entries written by a Missouri farm girl.

On Christmas Eve 1950, teenager Hazel Hyde received a little red five-year diary from her parents. She wrote in the book every day for the next few years, noting events on the farm, the fun she had with friends and the news of the day.

Today: Block 10, “Fair Weather”

Hazel’s story continues with these diary entries.

Jan. 23, 1954

Mrs. Christy called today & said she got a letter saying Judy & Charlotte & me sing on T.V. on Feb. 6. Dale & I went to Moberly tonite with Donald & Jane to the show.

Hazel, Judy Anderson and Charlotte Wisdom, accompanied by Anita Frazier on the piano, were invited to sing on “TV Tryouts” on the Quincy, Ill., television station. They sang “Heart of My Heart.”

Feb. 5, 1954

Tomorrow we sing on T.V. I’m not a bit scared. I’m getting ready tonite. Judy called & we talked for a while. Shaved my legs & fixed my hair & its 8:30 now. Hope we can win on T.V.

Afterward, she wrote, “Did real good & we were’nt scared at all. It was fun.”

The trio won and was invited back a second time. Winners were chosen by votes from the audience, submitted by postcard. They sang again March 13, but another act received more votes for the final win.

While Hazel’s trio was busy being famous in the area, the national news was a bit more grim.

March 1, 1954

Stayed home tonite. We T.V. girls sing at Bevier at Congregational church on Fri. aft.noon. There is so much going on I’m almost sick. Some Communists shot up some Senotors today in Wash. D.C.

Four Puerto Rican nationalists, led by Lolita Lebron, 34, entered the Capitol and fired 29 shots in the chamber where House members were debating an immigration bill. She screamed “Viva Puerto Rico libre!” (“Long Live a Free Puerto Rico!”) and unfurled a Puerto Rican flag as the group opened fire. They were arrested after injuring five congressmen. No one was killed in the attack.

To read the complete transcript of the diary, plus recipes and additional quilt patterns, visit The site also has information on how to buy a PDF of this installment.

Shelly Pagliai of Wien, Mo., designed the quilt, which tells the story of her mother, Hazel Ilene Hyde.

Block 10: “FAIR WEATHER”

Block size: 18 inches finished


1 (12-inch by 17-inch) rectangle and 1 strip (8-inch by WOF) white background fabric

1 (10-inch) square yellow print

1 (7-inch) square red print

1 (6-inch) square multicolored print (red, yellow, blue, white)

1 (4-inch by 10-inch) rectangle green print

1 (7-inch) square navy print

1 (3-inch by 6-inch) green solid

1 (5-inch) square red solid

1 (20-inch) square red solid

Cutting instructions

For the piecing

From white background, cut:

1 (4  1/2 -inch) square (A1)

4 (2  7/8 -inch) squares. Draw a diagonal line on the reverse side of these squares with a marking pencil. (A2)

12 (2  1/2 -inch) squares. Draw a diagonal line on the reverse side of 8 of these squares with a marking pencil. (A3)

2 (3  1/2 -inch by 12  1/2 -inch) rectangles (A4)

2 (3  1/2 -inch by 18  1/2 -inch) rectangles (A5)

From yellow print, cut:

4 (4  1/2 -inch) squares (B1)

From red print, cut:

4 (2  7/8 -inch) squares (C1)

From multicolored print, cut:

4 (2  1/2 -inch) squares (D1)

For the appliqué elements:

From green print, cut:

4 of template A

4 of template B

From red solid, cut:

1 of template C

4 of template F

From navy print, cut:

4 of template D

From green solid, cut:

4 of template E

From red solid, cut:

1 of block frame using the template available at .


Place an A3 square on one corner of a yellow B1 square, right sides together, with the diagonal line running across the corner as shown. Stitch on the diagonal line. Press the piece out so that it forms a triangle in the corner of the square. Trim the excess fabric out from behind the triangle. Repeat on the other top corner of the B1 square, with the drawn line running as shown. This unit should measure 4  1/2 -inch square. Make 4. See Fig. 1.

Match a red C1 square up with an A2 background square, right sides together, with the background square on top so you can see the drawn line. Stitch  1/4 inch on each side of the drawn line, then cut apart on the drawn line. Press seams toward the print fabric. You will have two units that should each measure 2  1/2 inches square. Repeat for the rest of the C1 squares, for a total of 8 units.

Arrange two of the C1/A2 units as shown with an A3 background square and a D1 square. Make sure you have them turned correctly and in the correct positions, and sew them together in pairs. Press seams toward the squares. Join the pairs together to complete the unit. This unit should measure 4  1/2 -inches. Make 4. See Fig. 2.

Arrange all the units and the A1 background square in the following layout, making sure you have them turned correctly. See Fig. 3.

Join the units into rows.

Join the rows to complete the block. It should measure 12  1/2 inches.

Sew the A4 strips to two opposite sides of the block. Press seams toward the strips.

Sew the A5 strips to the two remaining sides. Press seams toward the strips.

It should now measure 18  1/2 inches. See Fig. 4.


Referring to the placement diagram, and using your preferred method of appliqué, attach the appliqué pieces to the block in alphabetical order. The red solid block frame is attached using reverse appliqué, or can be attached using fusible web.

Look for Block 11 of “Hazel’s Diary” in H+H on Nov. 15.