Here's the cheesiest wedding trend ever: pizza cake

Pizza cake was featured at the wedding of Tony and Jessica Sanchez, which took place in December.
Pizza cake was featured at the wedding of Tony and Jessica Sanchez, which took place in December. Twitter

The wedding blog Wedding Chicks this week detailed the wedding of Los Angeles Angels catcher Tony Sanchez, which took place in December.

Baseball was the theme. Guests went home with boxes of Cracker Jacks and tiny bat-shaped keychains.

But one detail in particular caught a lot of attention: the wedding cake.

It wasn’t actually a cake. It was a tower of hot pizzas.

“Tony and I love pizza and aren’t huge fans of cake, so we surprised our guests with pizza cake,” Jessica Sanchez told Wedding Chicks. “It was saucy and delicious and what pizza dreams are made of.”

On social media, brides and wanna-be brides declared the idea a home run.

Many brides are icing the concept of the traditional wedding cake. Witness the giant hamburger wedding “cake” and elegantly stacked pots of creme brulee, cheese wheels and waffles.

But pizza seems to reign supreme.


My wedding cake.

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The Knot wedding website has taught brides “stylish ways to serve pizza at your wedding,” everything from setting up a pizza buffet and wrapping satin ribbon around Pizza Hut takeout boxes, to setting up a make-it-yourself station at the kids table.

Last month Domino’s Pizza announced the launch of its own wedding registry so family and friends can give the happy couple e-gift cards for, wait for it, pizza.

“Our customers constantly tell and show us on social media how pizza plays a role in their wedding, whether it’s for the bridal party, a late-night treat for the reception and other day-of experiences,” Kate Trumbull, Domino’s digital marketing director, told The Knot.

“Who doesn’t love pizza?”

This British couple clearly do. When they got married three years ago they surprised their guests with portraits of their faces made out of Domino’s pizza toppings.

It took a food portrait artist (who knew?) three hours to create their likenesses on two 13-inch pies, according to London’s The Mirror.

All hail the bride-and-groom pizza selfies.