Stuff I Like: My bell choir, book group, a slew of KC restaurants and music groups

Tannin Wine Bar & Kitchen is one of many KC restaurants that get my business.
Tannin Wine Bar & Kitchen is one of many KC restaurants that get my business. FRED BLOCHER/The Kansas City Sta

Here’s what business reporter Diane Stafford is into:

Playing bells

I play the treble clef A, A flat, B and B flat bells, octave just above middle C, in my church handbell choir. Skills needed: the ability to count (generally no higher than eight!) and ring when it’s my turn. With no other musical prowess, I can pretend to be a musician — as long as the accidentals, meter changes and page turns don’t happen in the exact same bar.

Eating out

I actually like to troll grocery aisles and cook, but my husband and I have a bunch of go-to restaurants after work for a variety of reasons: convenience, location, price, food, atmosphere, jazz and service. The current list, in no particular order: Café Trio. Green Lady Lounge. The Phoenix. The Reserve at the Ambassador Hotel. La Bodega. Californos. The Brick. Cactus Grill. Red Snapper. Twin City Tavern. Carrabas. Tannin.

Choosing red

I’m into Malbecs from the southern hemisphere. Argentina and Chile are producing grapes that become my wine of choice. Moderately, of course.

Reading groups

Speaking of wine, I’m grateful for two wonderful groups of women who care about reading and talking about books that other people suggest. We enjoy one another’s company, even when we disagree. And we eat and drink very well.

Working puzzles

I like The Star’s word games and sudoku, and I try to be a daily doer. (But, editors, please note: Celebrity Cipher pales compared to Cryptoquip.)

Appreciating talent

We’re fortunate in Kansas City to have amateurs-who-could-be-professionals in spades. Stupendous talent this December popped out of the Heartland Men’s Chorus, the Kansas City Women’s Chorus, the Kansas City Civic Orchestra and other volunteer ensembles. Now those soloists are back being bankers, teachers, retirees or whatever else they do for a living. From the audience, I thank them.

Diane Stafford: 816-234-4359, @kcstarstafford