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1885: Kansas City Cowboys, Western League

1886: No team

1887-88: Kansas City Cowboys, Western Association

1888-89: Kansas City Cowboys, American Association (third major league)

1890-99: Kansas City Blues, Western League

1900: No team

1901: Kansas City Blues, Western League

1902: Kansas City Cowboys, independent American Association; Kansas City Blue Stockings, Western League

1903: Kansas City Cowboys, American Association

1904-54: Kansas City Blues, American Association

1920-30: Kansas City Monarchs, Negro National League; 1931-36, independent, barnstorming; 1937-60, Negro American League.

1955-67: Kansas City Athletics, American League

1968: No team

1969 to present: Kansas City Royals, American League

2003-present: Kansas City T-Bones, independent Northern League


1949: Kansas City Hi-Spots, National Professional Basketball League

1957-58: Kansas City Kaycees, National Industrial Basketball League (AAU)

1960-61: Kansas City Steers, American Basketball League

1972-73 to 1974-75: Kansas City-Omaha Kings, National Basketball Association

1975-76 to 1984-85: Kansas City Kings, NBA

1985-86: Kansas City Sizzlers, Continental Basketball Association

2000-2002: Kansas City Knights, American Basketball Association

2003-present: Kansas City Knights, American Basketball Association


1925-26: Kansas City Cowboys, National Football League

1963-present: Kansas City Chiefs, NFL (1963-69, American Football League)


1927-33: Kansas City Pla-Mors, American Hockey Association

1933-40: Kansas City Greyhounds, AHA

1940-42: Kansas City Americans, AHA

1945-49: Kansas City Pla-Mors, U.S. Hockey League

1949-50: Kansas City Mohawks, USHL

1950-51: Kansas City Royals, USHL

1967-68: Kansas City Blues, Central Professional Hockey League

1968-72: Kansas City Blues, Central Hockey League

1974-1977: Kansas City Scouts, National Hockey League

1977-79: Kansas City Red Wings, Central Hockey League

1990-2001: Kansas City Blades, International Hockey League

2004-2005: Kansas City Outlaws, United Hockey League

SOCCER, Indoor

1981-91: Kansas City Comets, Major Indoor Soccer League

1991-2001: Kansas City Attack, National Pro Soccer League

2001-present: Kansas City Comets (the Attack renamed), Major Indoor Soccer League

SOCCER, Outdoor

1968-70: Kansas City Spurs, North American Soccer League

1996-present: Kansas City Wizards, Major League Soccer


1993-present: Kansas City Explorers, World TeamTennis

Editor’s note: This list of Kansas City sports teams in organized leagues was compiled by Bill Richardson of The Star’s Sports Department. Sources included sports record books and Kansas City Star library files. The basketball and hockey seasons are mainly listed with two years for each season, such as Kansas City Mohawks hockey team which played only one season, the fall of 1949 into the winter of 1950. The Kansas City Steers in basketball played the 1960-61 season, then folded along with the league on the final day of 1961.