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Repurposing 101

Change the space in your house with these tips for repurposing

Good design is not only about making things look good.  Good design is about fulfilling a need and providing a function for a space, and within that space, providing a functional piece of furniture.

One way to fulfill that need is to repurpose old pieces.

There are lots of ways to recycle, repurpose and reuse furniture these days. But there are some important questions to ask yourself before you start moving things around.

First, decide where you need a new piece of furniture and what function it will serve.  Once this is answered, then you can decide what to repurpose, why you might want to repurpose it, and how you might want to do it.

Part of the reason that we repurpose is because we already have something we love and that we can use in a space.  Finding something else you already own is a great option.  There is satisfaction in reusing furniture, but keep in mind that repurposing needs to also be reasonable.

Ask yourself these questions before you take the road to repurposing:  Do you love the piece?  Are there sentimental reasons for keeping it?  Is it structurally sound and made of wood (or other solid material like metal)?

If you can answer “yes” to at least two of these questions, then you are on your way to repurposing furniture.

So what kinds of pieces do you repurpose?  There are several items that are no longer used for the purposes originally defined for them like armoires, china cabinets and media centers.

Many once required a large footprint and are no longer needed for their original intention, but they can be used for other functions.  These are great candidates.

But smaller pieces, like dressers, end tables or old cabinets, can be used as well.

Ultimately, you need to love the piece and finding a new place and purpose for it in your home will be a very rewarding project.