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Shop Local November 2015

It is not an “all or nothing” campaign that asks consumers to stop shopping in chains or franchises. Instead, the message is about “making a conscious effort” of where you spend your money. When possible, redirect money back to the locally owned independent businesses.  It is that simple.

Just as there are things in a locally owned store that you can’t find in a big box, there are also things in a big box you can’t find in a locally owned store. We simply need to think about where our dollars are best invested, consider the greater amount of revenue local businesses return to the community, then purchase accordingly. Local economies suffer irreparable harm. Shop local.

You have the power to directly impact locally owned and operated business when you shop local. You create local jobs that support friends and family in this community. 

We would like to help connect you with local businesses in effort to raise awareness to how

beneficial it is to shop local. During this Holiday season feel great about your local purchases

because you are giving back to Kansas City.  

Buy local. Shop local. Eat local. Support local. 

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